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Recently, game industry experts, as well as ordinary enthusiasts of excitement, have been observing the battle pattern of online and offline casinos. Everyone has long known that online casinos are very popular and are still gaining users in their circles.

No one will deny that online games have many advantages over land-based casinos and slot machines. This can be seen with the naked eye because almost every day on the Internet there are more and more new sites of gaming portals. And users do not wait a minute and go play headlong because online games are a very exciting experience. Fans of excitement as well as avid poker players see in this entertainment not only a game but also a decent form of earnings. Of course, not everyone manages to win more money, but with the proper experience, skills, and desire, you can even hit the jackpot.

The creators of all online portals are trying to surprise their users not only with a wide selection of games, slots and slot machines, but also with the accessibility which lies in the fact that casinos can be played not only by residents of America but also, for example, from absolutely all countries of the planet. Such a famous casino as Webbyslot Casino is proud of this.

This is a new casino in the gaming industry, which opened in 2018. And despite its youth, it has already gained popularity among users from all over the world. No wonder so many players trust this resource. Indeed, to become a service that will be trusted you need to have several qualities that every self-respecting casino has.

The first and one of the most basic factors when choosing a casino is a practical and simple design. It is this factor that is fundamental. If it seems to you that the site looks old-fashioned or very bright, links do not open well, the site slows down or works with some malfunctions, then the best solution would be to leave this gaming establishment as quickly as possible and even less to make money there. Neglecting your user is not an aesthetic external design of the casino, and it also suggests that the creators simply do not want to spend their money on the image and maintenance of the casino. It is important to consider whether in this case, the casino will pay money to its users.

Customer support is one of the most important factors in a casino. Each online casino should have round-the-clock user support. The responsiveness of support managers also plays a large role. Because the faster the support answers, the better the user will have an opinion about the casino. The gaming community is primarily interested in providing the fastest support to users. Therefore, at Webbyslot Casino, professionals in their field will always assist any user and help resolve all issues that arise. It is also important to say that the maximum response time from support on excellent sites should not exceed 15 minutes. If you see that the site does not have a contact form or the Support Service or Help section, then we advise you to bypass such a playground on the seventh road. Because such a casino will not be able to give anything good to its users.

The bonus system is an eternal topic for conversations not only among gamblers but also among ordinary people. Everyone is pleased to receive gifts and bonuses whether it is in a shop, site, service or casino. It will be about the casino. Online casino bonuses are an integral part of a successful game strategy. And all the major playgrounds are always interested in having users return to the dream casino again and again. Therefore, they decided to make a bonus system. To attract new players and encourage regulars. It is important to know that not all casinos have rewards in the form of bonuses for regular customers. The casino takes care of attracting new players and completely forgets about the regular ones. If you see this, then we advise you to leave such a casino. Bonuses, promo, great offers, bonus code, no deposit bonus, free spins, promo codes, and even free games will be available to every Webbyslot.com player after registration. The casino also encourages all regular users.

Terms of use for the site. Each casino should have written in detail and accessible terms of use and the services of the gaming resource. For no user to encounter problems in the future, it is important to study all of them.

Programmed software does not play the last role when choosing a casino. A reliable casino that respects its users will use only licensed and high-quality software from leading manufacturers. There are many well-known providers on the Webby Slot website, for example, such as Netent, the presence of such a provider already indicates the quality of the casino. Exceptionally high-quality and reliable software can please users and bring big wins, as well as take up interesting gameplay and give adrenaline. It is important to consider that fraudsters are simply not able to buy high-quality software, and well-known providers will never cooperate with such casinos. Therefore, the presence of high-quality software and a large number of games and slots is another proof that the resource is honest and you can trust it.

And to be sure that the casino in which you want to register is reliable enough, you can participate in various gaming forums and discussions, where gambling players and regular users of the casino share with each other only honest and truthful information, as well as facts and information. that is based on personal experience. Also on similar sites, you can chat with fans of online gambling, ask for advice or ask any question.

Webbyslot.com in 2021 is still gaining popularity and a huge number of users, and regular customers are growing every day, which is excellent evidence that the casino has a high quality of services.

Super Support Service

As mentioned earlier, one of the most important factors in excellent casinos is the support service. Gamblers who have tried a bunch of gaming sites claim that a quality support service should work every day, without days off, holidays and holidays. That the player could contact at any time of the day or night. So that service with 100% guarantees can solve all arising issues and help in various situations and difficulties. Conscientious and modern support service managers always strive to help users as quickly as possible but at the same time very high quality.

A great example is customer support at Webbyslot Casino. Why do I find this resource great? Because each user can freely find a review from users on the internet. You can communicate with support managers in live chat that is located on the bottom left of the main page. In this chat, you can ask any technical questions, as well as apply with any requests and situations.

The support service in this casino is a super service that is focused solely on providing first-class help of any nature and complexity, as well as to solve all the problems that users experience while playing a casino or during registration. Due to the presence of such a cool user support service, players do not need to understand the rules as well as the games themselves, because the managers will explain everything.

If you are still not familiar with the support team and are not sure what questions managers should ask, then now I will clarify everything and tell you in detail.

Both new players and regular ones can contact the support service, that is, all users without exception, no matter what your VIP status is or normal, it does not matter whether you are a registered user or not. Because at any stage of cooperation with this casino, any player may have difficulties and questions, even in the most simple at first glance situations and things. For example, a casino has a wide selection of games, and a player may simply not find the game he was looking for. If you still think it seems stupid to contact support with such questions, then you are mistaken. Even with such a small problem, you can contact the technical support operators. And managers, in turn, must provide the required information and do everything possible so that the user does not encounter such a problem in the future.

Problems and difficulties for users can arise in absolutely different kinds. From minor to quite serious. For example, the player may have problems during the game, or it may be technical malfunctions, then it is important to explain to the person that this is a temporary phenomenon. Also, most users often require help with making a deposit and withdrawing money to their card. The player may have difficulties with the rules of the user agreement, although this may seem surprising at first glance.

It is important that the user is sure that, if necessary, he will receive an answer to his question or situation. Therefore, the casino is primarily interested in providing assistance. It is no secret that this is due to the fact that as the user’s problems are solved, the casino reduces the risk that the player will want to leave the game resource.

The level of the casino shows not only the reliability and design of the resource but also the quality of technical user support. Efficiency and speed are excellent indicators that the casino is very conscientious towards users.

Webbyslot Casino boasts such a job. Support managers respond to customers in a very timely manner and can solve a problem, situation or answer even the most difficult question because the managers in the casino are professionals in their field.

By the way, it is important to say that support operators provide assistance to all users regardless of gender, race, and country of residence.


This casino is the most popular in 2021, although it began operations in 2018. The casino offers its users absolute freedom in choosing games and slots, as well as an unlimited range of board games. Here, each user can choose a game to his liking, there are a lot of classic slot machines, various types of roulette, card games, as well as promotions, bonuses, poker and many versions of poker, baccarat, and blackjack. The creators and user support service are aware of all the risks that game resources are associated with, so the rules, terms of use and fair play policy are top-notch here. The casino as a mother takes care of the safe use of online casino by users.

In the safety of payment systems on the Internet, no one is 100% sure. All users should always be cautious about where they are, that is, check the site for a secure connection. To operate, a quality Webbyslot.com must comply with certain rules and measures, which it does.

A lot of time has passed since the land-based casinos became online casinos, and the online gaming industry has become even more regulated because more and more popular and well-known gambling houses are taking serious measures to protect users, their money, personal information, and accounts.

The uncertainty of the players in the safety of the casino is mainly due to the fact that they are simply not aware of how the casino protects and what kind of security it has.

One of the most reliable security methods at Webbyslot casino is encryption. This ensures that personal information, card details, and passwords are protected. The creators made sure that data encryption technology was the most reliable and modern.

The next important technology for protecting user information is authentication. This is a process that allows a device, whether it’s a mobile phone, computer, laptop or tablet, to identify the user who is currently connected to the casino site. The casino uses two-factor authentication, which helps protect user accounts.

In addition to the above methods, testing by external auditors is also added. This ensures the reliability of the casino system because auditors conduct regular inspections of Webbyslot casinos, which is further proof that the casino is honest and verified and that users can trust this resource.

The decisive role in the legality of a casino is licensing, there is still another way to ensure the safety, reliability, honesty, and fairness of a casino. Webbyslot Casino is testing its software with the help of third-party, but well-known and independent companies, one of which is Ecogra. In order for the user to minimally understand what kind of company this is, we will tell a couple of details. Ecogra is an international software testing agency, which is in London. The company provides protection for players at all levels, guarantees fair play and ensures responsible behavior of providers. The company also deals with the resolution of disputes between the player and the playful resource. If you have a complaint about the game, you can contact this company.

Bonus System

In addition to all the advantages of online casino, and these are a large percentage of payments, availability, reliability, and security, here you can also get a bonus system. It is important to mention that not all playgrounds have bonuses in their assortment. I am talking about specific bonuses for regular players. No one talks about newcomers because a welcome bonus or no deposit bonus is provided to each player who signs up on the site.

Webbyslot can boast of this factor because regular players have enough bonuses for promotions, profitable offers, bonus code, promo codes, and free games. That is, no one feels left out. The casino takes care of each of its users as a mom cat gives milk to her newborn kittens. You can find the promotions section on the main page, you need to click on the three bars – this is the menu, then open the Bonuses Webby tab and see all the existing bonuses.

The very first bonus that I got highlighted was a welcome bonus. The casino welcomes everyone and gives a lot of bonuses. After you make your first deposit, the casino will provide you with a 100% bonus and 100 free spins for playing Webby Heroes. The casino warns that the minimum deposit may be in the amount of 20 euros, and the maximum bonus from the first deposit will be 100 euros. Free spins will come to your account within 5 days and every day the casino will give out 20 free spins for an exciting game.

It would not be a very cool casino if it were limited to only one bonus, so I will introduce you to a few more interesting promotions. Love promotional codes. How do I like them? The casino gives you the opportunity to get a 55% bonus; you need to enter the webby fridays 55 promo code (bonus code) and make a deposit of $ 20.

I decided to go further a little bit and tell you what you will get after replenishing your wallet in a casino for the sixth time. The casino will give you 30 free spins for the game Princess of Birds. All you need to do is top up your account with 10 euros.


Registration is a very easy and painless process. The first thing you should start this procedure with is to find, in fact, the casino in the search bar. I will tell you by example. Then I went to the Webbyslot website and was very happy about how the design was arranged, I liked it, and the structure of the site is very light.

After I looked around the casino, I found the registration button on the top right next to the login and clicked on it. The procedure is very quick and easy. I got a window where I had to enter my real email, because Bon codes, free spins, and promotions will come there. It was not difficult to come up with a good password. It was necessary to choose your currency. They offered euros, dollars and a lot of different ones. To continue registration, you must agree to the terms of use of the site and confirm that I am already an adult. The casino also offers to enter promo codes to get additional bonuses. The downside of registration is that the password had to be entered in an open form, although it is usually hidden.

After registration, a window pops up saying that your account is registered and is invited to immediately put money into the deposit. You can familiarize yourself with the site or immediately deposit money into an electronic account. The choice is yours.

Mobile version

A very strange phenomenon is the lack of a telephone in a modern person, but this is only possible if you live in Africa or strange distant from networks.

In 2021, mobile phones not only allow you to call anywhere in the world but using this device you can also take high-quality photos, record your voice or lectures, count money, listen to music and much more. Despite the fact that the phone screen is small, this does not stop developers from creating more and more games that can be run on mobile devices.

One of such innovations is the Webbyslot online casino, which can be launched from any browser or downloaded from a mobile app. Availability is wide, so the application is suitable for both tablets and mobile phones. You don’t need to download anything if you don’t want to, because playing in the browser is also possible and this is no worse than the desktop version.


The style of the casino is very successfully matched to the colors. The structure of the site is very light and simple.

Reviews on the Internet about this casino are only positive, now my opinion will be added to them, which is the same.

Support is always available and will answer any question. The only thing that is not in the casino is the waiter with the menu, but this is not a problem because you can run to the kitchen and bring yourself food, but the rest of the casino is an excellent representative of the gambling world in 2021.

Australia, England, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom are countries where Webbyslots gaming service is permitted.

Alexander Marks - casino player