Casinoland Review for The Gambling Fans

Casinoland is an online website where you can see that all you have came here for is to play online casino games. It has a very simple but informative user interface and only three main pages where you can find everything you need to know about the service. 

Along with the simplicity the Casinoland is very generous and welcoming service which provides all the users with the best offers to gamble with joy and excitement. 

Unlike the majority other casinos here you won’t see much commercial ads, top-up windows or tricky proposals – everything you can find here is straight, simple and effective just like the whole gambling process on the website 

Although here there are not promotions offered you can be sure that all the games you find here are extremely engaging and paying as only the best examples of online gambling industry are collected in the games category section which was designed to show you the most beautiful and popular masterpieces from the wide variety of game producers. 

In this review we are going to describe the strongest sides of the online casino that has provided a game changing service. 

Website Usability

User interface of the online casino is the first thing you face when you enter the website and it is extremely important for the online casino to make a good first impression. this is the reason why the online casino has provided a very thorough design and smooth performance on all pages and all you can see when you enter the website is an outstanding general appearance which can make you gambling process even more engaging. Unlike the majority of other online casinos that do not make great efforts to provide an outstanding design the CasinoLand casino has made it all to make feel the atmosphere of true gambling even considering that you sit home and gamble.

That is the reason the casino is at least worth considering as here you will find the highest standards for the world class casino that have to be implemented in 2021. Thus, you can at least try out this online gambling facility for the design and well-optimized elements that provide you with the better user experience. 

you also should know that there is an intuitive navigation on this website, thus when you play the games there is no option you will get confused with the elements or won’t be able to find the function or feature you want as there has been done much work to make it clear even for novice players where to look and which button to press in order to accomplish one’s goals. 

In case you do have any issues with the navigation on website elements there is always a FAQ section or a support service that can come inhelp on the 24/7 basis so you must not hesitate using that.

Sign Up Process

registration process on the website is as smooth and comfortable as possible. all you need to do in order to become the member of the club is to press the registration button and fill a couple of fields which will only take from you less than a minute and once you cope with that task it is going to be an outstanding opportunity for you to get an account and claim the first welcome pack bonus code which will boost your user experience dramatically. 

there are websites that demand from the user to fill in too many fields for those who live in Canada or any other country. Wel, you should know that CasinoLand casino has a different approach which considers that you will get as much outstanding service as possible no matter what. 

Most of the users have no issues with the registration process on the so you won’t have any either. however, if you do just contact the support service that operates 24/7 for all the users and you will get a prompt help with your issue. By the way you should know that in the casino there is zero tolerance to the multi-accounts. that means that you are only allowed to have a single account which you can use for login and gambling as if you have more than one you will be offered to delete those and leave only one. this is done to make sure that gamblers do not violate the FATF requirements and do not misuse bonus codes and promotions that are provided on the website. 


Promotions section os always an object of interest of the most dedicated players and sometimes novice gamblers. The majority of the online casinos try to vary the promo codes provided and make all the efforts to offer the most engaging and generous promotions. Sometimes they are even too obsessed with the number of bonus codes available and forget about the quality – a mistake that the Casinoland has never made. 

Unlike the other casinos which operate in Canada and other countries in the world here you won’t find many offers and promo codes, however, all those you are going to get are as valuable as possible. 

It all starts from the extremely generous welcome offer which can be used either by a slot enthusiast or the fans of live casino games and here in this section we are going to disclose this subject in details as well as another bonus code which going to make your gambling experience in this online casino even more unbelievable. 

Just know that you can get the first bonus just after you have created an account in the service which only takes less than a minute. 

Welcome Offer

Are you looking for no deposit bonus codes? Well, then you are going to be dissatisfied as this is not what is the Casino Land really is fond of. Actually the no deposit bonus 2021 sounds like a nuisance as the majority of casinos have already gave up on that practice which only gives an illusion of advantage while for real it is only an excuse for not giving generous welcome offers. 

Thus, you won’t find no deposit bonus codes here, all you are going to find is an extremely generous welcome pack which allows you to make as much as four deposits and gain extra funds on your account. 

You can gather up to 800 Euros just for being a new player isn’t that better then getting a couple of bucks no deposit bonus 2021? Actually, it is. 

Each Euro you get on your bonus account increases your winning chances dramatically on the daily basis. The majority of the online gamblers prefer to use the most generous bonuses they get here to boost up their gambling experience so they just make the maximum top ups to get all of the 800 Euros which is a good policy as you get as much as 800 free spins which costs 1 Euro each. 

Isn’t that the best way to monetize your account from the beginning of your gambling career in this outstanding online casino? Yes, it is. Thus, it would be a best idea to make it all to have the sufficient funds for your four first deposits. 

By the way, notice that the majority of online casinos in Canada let you to redeem a deposit bonus code for only the first cash-in. Afterwards, you only can make regular deposits – does that seem fair when you compare this kind of a promo code with the proposal of Casino Land?

Anyway, after you have redeemed your welcome pack bonus there is one more promo code you should pay an attention to.


Tuesday Spotlight Special

the Tuesday Spotlight Special is a weekly bonus you can redeem each Tuesday and get in exchange as much as 50 spins for a deposit of only 50 euros. Just make a cash-in of 50 euros and get free spins which you can use to win real money and grab a jackpot. 

As you can see in the conditions section the free spins bonus is only eligible for the specified slot machine and each week the slot machine you can use your bonus for is changed. In such a way you can get your free spins and try new games every week for free. 

You may ask why there is no something like 30 free spins bonus? Or 20 free spins bonus? Or maybe free spins no deposit bonus? Well, the answer is easy – there are other more generous bonuses instead. What is better- to get 800 Euros on your account for making a deposit or gain some free spins no deposit bonus? Of course 800 euros is better as you can make much more than 800 free spins with that. 

All you need to do is to sign up and login to your account from the any place of the world – Canada, USA or any other spot of the world. 

That is what the Casinoland Casino is all about – granting you and other players with the bonuses they really need without making complicated and non-friendly to novices promo codes which cannot be redeemed by anyone except the elite players that can spend tens of thousands of dollars per month on gambling. 

Play Free Games

You can play free games in the online casino CasinoLand if you want to. this is an outstanding opportunity for gamblers in Canada and all over the world to try out the games presented in the online casino in several clicks. The things there were thousands and even more games manufactured since the online casinos have risen and now it can be rather hard to choose the best game to play in at once. Thus, you may need to take your chances and play free games in the lobby section in order to choose the best ones. 

Some of the websites unlike do not allow users to play for free and that is a problem for them as one cannot just try the game out before making a deposit and playing for real money which is always a decision that is need to be considered well. Here though you can do it easily and you can have your time to try out different tactics, long-term strategy or just have a good time if you have no funds to play for real money. 

It is recommended to try the games recommended by the CasinoLand casino administration as those have brought big efforts to analyze user experience of the players from all around the world in 2021 and make a list of the top games that cause the greatest engagement and entertainment to the users. 

thus, it is obvious that you will find some games you are going to like to among the recommended ones, so do not hesitate to use this opportunity and vary your gambling experience slightly.


All the gamblers know that the quality of gams presented in the online casino category section is very important to provide gamers with the best user experience. Thus, it is very important for the online casino to have a wide assortment of outstanding games that can satisfy players of different tastes. However, some of the casinos do not really manage to provide a gamer with the wide choice and usually have good games only for some of the genres. 

When it comes to the online casino CasinoLand you can be sure that you will get a full spectre of various games of various genres and design and you can choose the one you like the most without any doubts. In the category section of the online casino you can see the most modern and up to date games of the year 2021 divided by types: 


slots are the most popular games in the online casinos. the sticky bandits are played most often as those propose fund and simple gambling process so even the novice players can choose this online casino gambling activity type to win and get as much joy and excitement as possible. 

In the CasinoLand casino you can find a big amount of various slot machines on different topics and themes, thus all you can do is to try them out or choose the ones you really like. note that there is always an opportunity to play for fun before you play on real money in order to understand whether you are satisfied with the game mechanics presented. Some of the slot machines vary with the number of winning rows, availability of bonus games, presence of wild symbols and other special features that affect your choice when you browse the category section. 

just choose this section on the to make sure you know the choice provided for you by the casino and the best game manufacturers presented there. 

Table Games

Table games are valuable assets for any online casino that is operating in Canada or any other country of the world as they allow you to feel the spirit of true gambling and try out something more than your luck and long-term strategies. when you play table games you also need to use your intuition and be good in tactics and decision making as unlike the slots where you can only make a spin here you can affect the game results with smart moves available for each of the games presented. 

Play roulette, baccarat and other games to show your supremacy and win cash prizes in order to become victorious and get as much joy as possible during the gambling process. The CasinoLand online casino offers a choice of several types of roulette, enormous choice of card games and all other kinds of activities on the website, thus if you are fond of any table game you will have a great choice when it comes to the game you can play in. 

Video Poker

Video Poker was designed as an activity for those who like poker games but prefer to play against the casino, not the other players, so when you play video poker you can use your decision making skill and knowledge of mathematics and statistics combined with your luck to win the casino. 

In the online casino CasinoLand you can find a great amount of video poker games that have proven their reputability and popularity throughout the years by the fact that millions of gamblers around the world play these games.

You also can find new games that were designed to change the game and improve the gambling experience for the users and those who own accounts in the online casinos. 

Live Casino

These games can make you feel like you are playing in the real landing facility which was designed for users to get as much joy as possible. The majority of the online gambling activities are not so engaging as playing the live casino games where you deal with the live dealer and can see on your own how the cards are mixed and make sure that you get as much fair treatment as possible. 

There are not so many online casinos that propose this feature so when you enter the CasinoLand online casino you can be glad to have such an opportunity to play the live casino games online and get the same joy and atmosphere like all of those who play in the landing facilities in Las Vegas, Atlanta and other gambling capitals. 


Progressives are the slot machines that are totally worth of playing in due to the fact here you can win a real jackpot while making spins. The main feature of the progressive is the fact that the jackpot is is constantly growing and you always can see the counter on the slot machine that shows the current sum you can win as a jackpot. Some gamblers managed to win millions of dollars by making small bets and you can become one of them. 

The only shortcoming for the progressive slots is the fact that after the jackpot won it is being deducted to null and it can take weeks for the progressive slot machine to reach the moment when the jackpot is going to be a sum worth of trying. 

New Games

All the online casinos including the CasinoLand are making it all to bring something new to the gambling experience of the players and thus you can always see the New Games section in the online casino that you choose. 

In order to make your presence on the website CasinoLand more entertaining the administration of the online casino tries to add only engaging games in the section and you always can try them out in the demo mode which is launched to show you the advantages and new features implemented to vary your gaming process. 

Some of the online casinos even provide you with bonuses that can be claimed if you play the new games. You can either get buffs and perks for gambling this games or claim the promo codes that give you the right to get free games when you use the software and win real money for that. 

Mobile Gambling in the Online Casino

Once you login in your account you may have a question – is there an iOS app or Android app which I can download and install on my mobile phone to play pokies in the Casinoland Casino? Well, the answer is really no. You won’t find this outstanding gambling facility in the app store anywhere, however, you can surely benefit from the very user-friendly mobile optimized website. 

You really should go along with the fact that not all of the activities should be conducted in your app when you use the phone. Sometimes, it is much comfortable to gamble in the online casino via the browser if it is well optimizes. 

You always sign up to the online casino via your smartphone or tablet and gamble with the same joy you do it via your laptop and that is the strong side of the Casinoland Casino as a place where all can gamble everything they want on anything they want. 

what is more good about the Casinoland Casino is the fact it provides you the same bonuses when you play on your smartphone, desktop Pc, Mac, laptop or any other kind of device. 

To Sum Up

There are many good things any gambler can say about this outstanding website which brings us joy with its minimalistic design and well pictured elements. 

However, may be the main things that we need to notice when analysing this casino is the great amount of games available for any kind of player – no matter whether you like slots, live casino games or any others. Play poker, play roulette or join the baccarat madness- all you need to know is that the Casino Land is always there for you to provide you with an outstanding service on the permanent basis.

Alexander Marks - casino player