Casino Guts: The Best Mobile App

These days, online gambling has become one of the leading forms of entertainment on the Internet. This fact does not even require confirmation at all. All people know that. But why virtual casinos are that popular and loved among Internet users from all countries. It is does not matter if you are from Canada or you are from England. It does not matter from what part of the world you play and where you live. That simply makes no difference when it comes to gambling with online casinos because all people are equal there. Of course, some gambling institutions can set its limits for separate countries, but this is completely other story already.

The main problem for most online casinos is the quantity of similar websites that make a good competition. Maybe, this is for the best. Due to such circumstances, online casinos start working harder to stand out and be memorable for the gamblers. It is important to be able to provide them with the most attractive offers. In turn, that can let the casino gain permanent visitors and get closer to its absolute success.

Today, we are going to talk about one of the leaders of the gambling market of the UK and the whole world. The talk is about Guts casino. We are going to become your personal gambling guides for the rest of this article. We hope that this review of one of the most popular gaming institution will come in handy. To make the article readable, we have gathered a lot of information and have divided it into separate paragraphs. One paragraph is devoted to one of the casino’s features. So, we offer to get it all started. You don’t mind, do you?

Why to Pick Guts Casino?

When you are in deep search of a great gambling room, you can have a lot of doubts even if you find an option that may suit you. You may worry about its safety and if the ratings are true and are not bought. This is why we have prepared this review on Guts casino to show you why it has so high ratings.

Let’s talk about the general information of this gambling portal. Guts casino was founded in 2013 which is relatively recently. We think that 6 years can be counted as a short period for becoming that successful and love in the area of gambling. Now, all people from Australia, from New Zealand, from Europe countries and from all parts of the world enjoy gambling with this online portal.

Plus, this casino works absolutely legal and due to the decision of MGA (Maltese Authority of Gambling, if you are curious). MGA let Guts gain its license to be able to conduct gambling officially. This license is a so-called sign that playing in the place who own it will never be a decision to regret.

This portal is a place to play slots, board games, scratch games, variations of blackjack and poker as well as a place to set sports bets and win money for this. As you can see, Guts is not only a casino with recorded and live games. It is also a sports bookmaker. What you like more is up to you. The task of Guts is to offer you both options.

The Guts Website Appearance

When you firstly go to any website, you always pay attention to how it looks, if the navigation is easy or not. When you firstly go to, you will see a logo of the portal, which is situated in the left upper corner. It consists of the red icon, the name of the portal and 3 balls for different games. If you take your look near the logo, you will see next categories:

  • “Casino”;
  • “Live Casino”;
  • “Sports”;
  • “Poker”;
  • “Promotions”;
  • “Awards”;
  • “Search”.

Near those categories, there are also two buttons that help to start gambling activity. Those buttons are “Login” and “Open an Account”. If you have a registered account, you will need to press the first button, but if you are reading our review, you do not have it yet most likely. So, the second button is for you.

Below, you will notice (though, it would be impossible not to notice it) a huge banner that attracts you from the first seconds. This banner displays the offer of bonuses. This banner can change the information, because bonus programs can change. The best way to find out if the offer is still valid is to go to and check it.

Below the banner, you will see four sections with appropriate pictures to them. Those sections are named as “Casino”, “Betting”, “Poker” and “Live Casino.

If you scroll to the home page bottom, you will notice that there is a lot of useful information displayed. There, you can see what language versions are available to switch to, what banking options you can use, information on licenses, a small paragraph devoted to information about the casino itself and 8 fast links, among which you can see:

  • “About Us”;
  • “Terms & Conditions”;
  • “Cookie & Privacy Policy”;
  • “Bonus Terms”;
  • “Betting Rules”;
  • “FAQ”;
  • “Responsible Gaming”;
  • “Affiliates”.

Compatible Devices & Gadgets

To think logically, we can say that one group of people prefers using big-screened devices, such as laptops and computers, the other group of people prefers using mobile devices, such as phones and tablets. When a casino does not provide the customers with the possibility to use the widest range of compatible gadgets, it usually loses a big part of potential customers, which is why casino Guts wants to offer you using any device that you find the most comfortable one for yourself.

  • Computers & Laptops. Those devices suit those who like to play on big screen, using all possible tools of the website. For one half of people, those devices are just easier to navigate and to use. They find is the most comfortable way to gamble.
  • Mobile Phones & Tablets. Those devices suit those who like to play on small screened and are often on a run. For another half of people, those devices are much easier than computers, because mobile gadgets can be easily carried anytime and anywhere.

There is one difference about those two types of gadgets. For example, if you prefer the option number 1, you will be able to play only from the browser directly. And if you prefer the option number 2, you will be able to play both from the browser directly and from special Guts mobile app that you can download from the store of your phone/tablet.

The website of this casino is flexible and adapts for all devices on different operating systems. For example, if you decided to play with option number 1, you will be able to play with laptops on Windows, on Linux, on Mac OS and so on. If you decided to play with option number 2, you will be able to play with devices on Android, on Windows, on iOS and so on.

Signing Up

The process of registration in Guts Casino carries no problems or hard steps. Signing up is pretty intuitive and easy here. As we have already said, the button “Open an Account” is located in the right upper corner which is comfortable to find it. When you press this button, you will see a new tab that opens.

This tab looks like above. The website offers you to complete the registration process in 3 easy steps. The first step requires you to leave the basic information about you. For example, you will be required to enter your email address, to come up with creative and strong username and password. Also, it will be a necessity to choose a country code and enter your contact phone number after that. After you fulfill all those lines, you will be redirected to the next steps.

Let’s be short. In next steps, the website will ask you to leave your exact address, your full name (both first and second), country of residence and so on. It makes no sense to talk about it long, because when you start registering, you will be notified about each line that will be necessary for fulfilling.

The Games Diapason

We all know that one of the first things that interest us about online gambling websites is what games spectrum they can offer. No money and prizes can interest you fully if you feel bored playing games. If you feel bored in one online casino, you will probably want to change it and become of a member of more interesting online gaming institutions.

Guts portal has a pretty wide diapason of free games on the offer. How can you launch games? Firstly, you should go the official website by the link, take a look at the home page of the site and click on the section named as “Casino” or “Live casino” (if you want to play with real croupiers in live mode).

Once you make that click, a new tab opens that show you all available games. For your comfortability, the design supposes having six categories. Those categories look next way:

  • “New Games”;
  • “Slots”;
  • “Table Games”;
  • “Jackpots”;
  • “All Games”;
  • “More”.

Below all presented categories, you will be able to observe a wide range of the icons of available free games. You can play various types of games, including varieties of blackjack, various slot machines, different options of poker and so on.

There is also a great offer for those who do not want to play slots or recorded games. If you want to feel yourself like you are in Vegas, which is the king of gambling kingdom, and feel all the atmosphere and excitement, you should click on the section which is named as “Live Casino”. Once you press this button, you will see a new tab, where you can pick the most suitable live game.

How can you do this? You have two options. The first one supposes surfing the opened tab from the top to the bottom while searching for the most suitable model. It happens without changing any settings or setting filters. You simply surf the page. The second option supposes setting filters and clicking on one of the available categories buttons. Among categories of live casino, you can find six sections:

  • “Roulette”;
  • “Blackjack”;
  • “Baccarat”;
  • “Other Games”;
  • “All Games”;
  • “More”.

As you can see, Guts platform cares about all customers and tries to do its best to provide its customers with the widest range of good-looking, interesting and beneficial games. If you are a fan of board games, you can play them with both recorded versions and live versions. If you find yourself good at playing slots, here you are. The best slot machines are at your disposal. All you have to is to go to the official site and find the most suitable model of gambling for yourself.

Bonuses & Promos

Promotions, prizes and bonus programs are always those things that lead gamblers to absolute happiness. If a casino can provide its visitors with very attractive offers, it can make those visitors its permanent clients. So, let’s talk about bonus programs that Guts Casino can offer.

Most people want to hear news that the chosen casino provides a no deposit bonus. Unfortunately, this portal does not provide a no deposit bonus, but it still provides not less attractive prizes.

For example, it gives you an opportunity to get a generous welcome bonus after you sign up on the official website. This welcome bonus supposes making a deposit and getting a 100% bonus that can let you gain up to 300 euros + 100 free spins (Game named as “Narcos”). The only loophole lies in the fact that it is not valid permanently. Though, any bonuses cannot be valid permanently, because they all can change due to the decisions of Guts administration.

Also, there may be possibility to use bonus codes, if you have any. But actually, in this case, you need to check the rules and if your bonus code is still valid. It would be sad if you had it and it happened to be not active at the moment. So, please, check the information on bonus codes and feel calm about its validness.

Besides offers that were presented above, Guts can also offer you daily, weekly and monthly programs. There are daily games with prizes all the time, so you have an opportunity to win prizes every day. The most important thing about accepting terms & conditions of every offer is reading all those terms carefully. You can review them on the official Guts casino website.

Banking Paying Methods

Customers always wonder what banking paying methods the chosen casino can offer, because nobody wants to create a new wallet or to open a new bank account. Somebody can do this with no problems, but the other people prefer to keep using already familiar payment option.

So you could know, we are going to tell you about banking paying methods (further – BPM) that casino Guts cooperates with. We have gathered the information on available BPMs and have created its listing for your comfortability. So, among the BPMs, you can find:

  • PaySafeCard;
  • Euteller;
  • Visa;
  • EcoPayz;
  • Zimpler;
  • Neteller;
  • Sofort Uberweisung.

Support for Customers

Let’s start this paragraph with the fact that the whole casino’s website works well, but all well-working websites can induce issues sometimes. Though, not all problems can be induced by the website itself. Mostly, it is just some problems or questions that gamers are interested or worried about. Well, no matter what worries you, it is not a problem to contact the staff of the GutsCasino and wait for support.

How can you get help? Let’s talk about it.

When you want to get support, you should click on one of the visible icons with the name “Live Chat”. Those icons are always to the views. This is considered to be convenient and counts as a useful tool. This is due to the fact that you do not know when you may need help. So, once you need it, the support button is always in sight.

What to do next when a tab with live chat is opened? As you can see it on the picture, you will be required to leave your full name (both first name and surname), enter your email address, mention the date of your birth and the street that you live at. When all those lines are fulfilled as well, you can press the red button named as «Chat». There, you can explain your issue and wait until the solution from the staff comes.

Of course, there is always a solo version of getting help. Nobody could have canceled the right to surf the website’s pages to find the answers or make use of the section “FAQ” where the Guts workers publish the answers for the most frequently (commonly) asked questions. Maybe, this option will perfectly suit you. Maybe, you will need a professional support service. It is for you to decide. But anyway, we ensure you that you will not be alone with your issues.

Security Measures

When a gambler is looking for a casino to play in, he/she tries to find a reliable and safe place in which he/she wants to feel protected. Guts cares about its customers and does its best to prevent fraud attacks.

The most important thing is that all information that you share with casino becomes encrypted with the help of SSL-protocol immediately, so there is not slightest chance of stealing your confidential information. This information is seen only for Guts staff. That’s all. Though, it becomes hidden even for the portal itself sometimes. For example, when there re any statistical or research purposes, all your info becomes absolutely anonymous.

Also, you may be required to verify your account sometimes. It can happen in case when the administration notices any suspicious actions that come out of your profile. The website also use cookies that distinguish you from all other website’s users.

Guts Casino Verdict

Conclusion is always one of the most important parts of every review, because putting all the thought together helps to make a decision and understand if you have a desire to play in reviewed casino or not. So, let’s make a conclusion and talk about every Guts’ features briefly.

The appearance creates friendly atmosphere and gives you an opportunity to understand that the design is easy to navigate, so it will make no problem to surf the pages of the website. Also, you can change the language of the interface. Plus, you can play from any device that you want, whether is it computer or mobile gadget.

Casino Guts can offer you a wide diapason of games, including card games, board games, progressive jackpots games, games with free spins and much more. The portal can also offer you generous prizes. Unfortunately, there is not any no deposit bonus pack, but there other generous welcome bonus packages about which you can find out more information on the official website.

The security service is on the highest level. For example, all shared information gets encrypted once it was shared. This, in turn, guarantees that no frauds can steal your confidential information. If you notice any suspicious actions from your account or simply need any help, you can contact the administration of Guts through online live chat. Another way to get help is to surf the FAQ section and find the answers yourself. If to talk about banking options, we should say that you can choose the most suitable one from the listing that we presented above.

Well, as you can see, casino Guts is generous for games and bonuses and cares about its gamblers by providing them with the best services and the most commonly used banking methods. If you are interested, you can always go to the official website and find more information about it. Before you decide to become a member of Guts, we recommend getting acquainted with terms & conditions for all services. That’s all. On this positive note, we want to wish you safe gambling and large wins! Good luck!

- casino player